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Is there a church that doesn’t ask you to believe the unbelievable?

Well, there are a lot of people who would like to have a community that could be a ‘spiritual home’, but they think they have to subscribe to a set of beliefs to belong to a church. And they can’t quite bring themselves to believe all those things!  They would feel like a fraud, not quite meeting the ‘membership’ requirements.

That’s true of some churches but not Winfield United... Read more...

Are there some beliefs that are central to us? Read more...

Is there a church that offers a ‘guide on the side’ rather than a ‘sage on the stage’?

Ours is a time when authority is suspect. People have too often felt betrayed or let down by their leaders or their institutions. Gone are the times when people simply came to church and believed what they were told to believe, behaved as they were told to behave. We want to think for ourselves and make our own decisions... Read more...


Is there a church that nourishes the spirituality children already have?

Many parents, and grandparents, today would like their children to receive some kind of instruction or initiation into what might loosely be termed ‘Christian values’; but they are concerned that their children not be indoctrinated, or worse, be made to fear going to hell if they don’t believe certain things!

Winfield United shares those concerns, and over the years we have developed an approach to ministry with children that is radically respectful of the spiritual sense that children already have within them... Read more...