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After many years of not going to church, I attended your church today for the first time and immediately felt the need to try and find a place where I could leave my comments about how I felt being here. My boyfriend and I moved to Lake Country a few months ago and I've been feeling the need to go back to church but never fully felt comfortable with finding a place that fit my beliefs. I feel that many churches I have attended preached to you how you should believe or what you should believe but many of them did not feel right to me, as I have always felt that beliefs, and religious rules have come from man and not from God. This has left me feeling like I never belonged in a church. I chose your church today without any prior research or recommendations from anyone in the community. I chose it because it was the closest one to my house but it was one of best choices to make as it lead me to a place where I felt like I belonged for the first time. Your church teaches people a beautiful thing and breaks down the traditional methods of teachings by being with god through love. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend church sessions regularly - but will be back every Sunday I can. Thank you for what you do and what you teach, this is truly a place where there is no judgement and where I believe everyone should experience for themselves and deserves more recognition for what it's worth. See you again. Courtney
Courtney - 10 May 2015
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