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Is there a church that nourishes the spirituality children already have? (continued)

In some ways children are already in touch with the wholeness of life that mature spiritual seekers are looking for. Children feel and see the divine nature in the world around them.

So our task is not to make them into ‘spiritual beings’; rather it is to help what is already there to mature and develop. We do that the way it has been done through the ages – through stories. Children experience the stories of the Bible, and modern ones too, through storytelling, drama, art and music. And we don’t ever try to ram the ‘point’ of any story home, but encourage the children to think for themselves and to share their insights with each other.

Children love to come and they develop real love for the leaders who walk with them. 

So if this fits with your expectations or needs for a child honouring community then Winfield United might be the place for you!

One Saturday each month, from 5 to 7 p.m., we have a family event we call "Eat...Play...Love..." which includes family activities, a delicious and nutritious dinner, and a short closing family worship time. If you are interested in participating in Family Church please call 250-766-4458 or send an email to We need to know how many people are coming to these events so we can plan the event and have enough food to feed everyone. Read more...


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