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Church Council

The Church Council is responsible for governing the affairs of Winfield United Church and providing leadership to and implementing the wishes of the congregation. The Council’s overarching responsibility is to develop and implement, with the support and involvement of the congregation, a long-term strategic plan and policies for the well-being of Winfield United Church. Council members (not representing a Ministry Team) are elected to council for a three-year term at the Annual General Meeting held in February. Council meetings are held monthly.

Members of Council are:



Minister (currently in search)  
Jane Vatkin, Chair
Mike Schwartzentruber, Vice Chair
Mae Husk, Treasurer
Eleanor Geen, Secretary
Doug Martindale, Presbytery Representative
Bev Edwards-Sawatzky (Refugee Team)  
Trudy Cowger (Property Team)
Karen Gibbons (Worship Team & Thrift Shop)
Fran Schultz (Pastoral Care Team)
Don Sawatzky (Ministry & Personnel Team)

Spiro Vouladakis (Member at Large) & (Spiritual Nurture Team)

Sandy Bogardis (Member at Large)


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