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Something for Everyone

Eat...Play...Love for Children on Sunday: Children begin their time on Sunday morning at 'creative' tables in the gathering space. After this they are invited to join our minister to hear a 'Story for All Ages' before they join our family and youth leader, Michelle, in a room set up for activities or often spend time outdoors in nature. Children experience the stories of the Bible, and modern ones too, through storytelling, drama, art and music. And we don’t ever try to ram the ‘point’ of any story home, but encourage the children to think for themselves and to share their insights with each other. 

Eat...Play...Love:  Michelle, Winfield United's Family and Youth Coordinator, plans 'Family Nights,' usually one Saturday every month. These informal gatherings offer a time for families to share a meal and conversation with other families. After the meal, parents meet together to share stories while children take part in fun activities. To let us know you would like to come to these events please call 250-766-4458 or email:

Choir: the choir meets on Thursday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. occasionally to prepare special music for our services. The choir is led by Mae Husk and accompanied  by Elaine Towgood, pianist;  Mike Schwartzentruber, guitarist; Karen Gibbons, Oboe, Saxaphone, English Horn; and Jim Hannah, Djembe.

"Chat & Chew" Men's Breakfast: Men get together about once Saturday a month so that men may enjoy fellowship, learning, and future planning together.

Prayer Shawl Ministry: a group of dedicated knitters prayerfully create beautiful shawls that are then blessed by the Congregation and are made available to people who are in need of a warm hug.

Holy Conversation: happens every Wednesday afternoon at the church from 2:30 until 4:00. The format is as follows: Sunday's sermon reflection is discussed before moving onto the scripture readings and focus for the next Sunday. Drop in and out of the Holy Conversation  as you are able. It's always a lively, interesting discussion time.

Circle of Peace:
Every Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm we offer an experience that is still, reflective, and meditative.  This is a time to rest in God, making a quiet space in our often busy and noisy lives.  It is a simple service about 40 minutes long with chants, prayers, inspirational text and silence.  We hope you can join us.


Book Study: usually two a year in the Spring and Fall. Book's we have studied are, Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos by Bruce Sanguin; If the Church Were Christian by Phillip Gulley; and Writing in the Sand by Thomas Moore