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Healig pathways

Healing Pathways

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We hope you are all staying safe, social distancing and being kind to one another during this time of the pandemic.

Usually we are offering energy treatments at the church for anybody who would like to come and receive them.

Right now we cannot offer these treatments in person but we can do something a little bit different. We can offer distant healing, which is exactly that... healing from a distance. It’s very simple and effective. Energy is not limited by time or distance.


All you have to do is phone, make an appointment; at the scheduled time find a quiet place that you can lie down, light a candle (if you feel like you would like to), close your eyes and give your body permission to accept any healing energy that comes your way.

The treatment will last from 20 to 30 minutes. When you phone to book an appointment, we will give you more information at that time or answer any questions you may have. Hopefully at this very stressful time in our lives we will be able to reduce some of your anxiety and you will know that you are not alone through this.


For more information or to book your appointment 

contact Sandy Bogardis (250-766-2542) or Sharon Hartwick (250-548-0074).

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