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Pastoral Care







The main focus and purpose of the Pastoral Care Team is to support those who are grieving, or are experiencing change and loss, and for those that are suffering from illness. We want people to know how to access care and how to volunteer in an area of pastoral care. We want to be open to new possibilities, to hear the questions, to listen to concerns.

The Team will be in contact with those in need, either personally, by phone, or by visits as required.  But the Team would like the entire Congregation to work with us.  We ask that anyone in the entire congregation that becomes aware of a problem to contact a Team member. Further, it would be very helpful when you visit or talk to someone in need, to also let us know of these visits. This is Pastoral Care – everyone is actually an unofficial member of this Team.

The Team does not meet on a regular basis, but as required.  We have three Coordinators. All information should be passed along to one of the Coordinators (as listed above). From this information, the Coordinator will direct needs to the appropriate person, including the minister. 

Prayer shawls and cards are sent or taken in person to those in need.  We are very appreciative of our team of Prayer Shawl knitters.  There are a group of people constantly knitting shawls. Presentation of shawls becomes a very emotional gift to those receiving one.

Another area we  focus on is to ensure newcomers to the church are welcomed to our church family. Invite new people over for coffee, for lunch, or coffee and dessert. Make them feel welcome. Again, let one of the Coordinators be aware of this, so we know it is happening.  It is not what a newcomer can do for us, but what we can do for them. In other words, don’t just ask them to join us when asking for assistance to a major project.

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