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Book Study: Listening Well

Tuesdays on Zoom

October 19, 26, and November 2

1:30pm - 3pm

Are you a good listener? Would you like to improve your listening skills and grow your capacity for empathy? Join Fran Jasiura and Rev. Joan Kesslerfor a 3 session study of Listening Well: the Art of Empathic Understanding by William R. Miller. We will examine three important areas to becoming a better listener:

  • Accurate Empathy

  • Roadblocks to Listening and

  • Reflective Questioning for Deeper Understanding

Gathering on Zoom, we will share our reflections on the readings and practice with one another using the suggestions provided in the book.

Everyone is welcome. Households with two or more participants are asked to use individual Zoom spaces to facilitate practicing.

To order the book (approx. $25 based on registrants and shipping)

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