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By Rev. Joan Kessler

Luke 24:13 – 35

This morning, I invite us into some reflection around Holy Communion. In this United Church of ours, it is one of two sacraments we celebrate, the other being Baptism. These were the two instituted by Jesus. We were invited during Jesus' life and ministry to go and do likewise: to share in the Living Presence of the Spirit with everyone you met by the sprinkling of water and laying on of hands in baptism and the breaking of bread and sharing of cup in Holy Communion.

I grew up in a small southern Saskatchewan village with a population of 300, if everyone was home. There were surrounding farm families that would have bolstered that number by a few hundred more. But, needless to say, I came from a small town where we knew one another, cared for one another and looked out for one another. During the 70s and 80s, there were five churches in my town. And a popular topic of conversation that would inevitably come up during my school days was “what church did you belong to”? In my class, there was a fairly even split between those who were Catholic and those who were United, but I also had Anglican, Lutheran and Pentecostal friends too. And I should tell you that this survey population I speak of was anywhere from 10 to 12 students in any given year, so it is highly accurate and representational of the population 😊. This conversation amongst kids gave us a sense of identity and belonging. We would talk about our practices and what set us apart from one another. We would talk about Sunday School and Catechism.