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Creative Life

By Rev. Joan Kessler

Luke 4:1-12

This short documentary spoke to me. I hope it spoke to you as well. This Sunday, as we begin our Lenten journey once again. It is a time to not only prepare to receive the death, mystery and resurrection of the coming Easter, but also to contemplate our inner life and the deaths and resurrections that constantly takes place within us. I want us to take up the theme of Wilderness but from a different perspective than from where we have entered it other years. The questions I have been asking myself are “What holds me back from being a creative person?”. “What is the definition of creativity and how does it relate to being a more fully spiritual and grounded human being?”

In my closet at home, I have this big box of art supplies. I love to collect them and then put them in this box. Maybe you know something of what I am talking about. And sometimes I look in the box, and I see all these amazing materials waiting for inspiration. I hesitate. I walk away, waiting for another opportunity. I tell myself I don’t have an idea in this moment, and even if I did, it won’t be any good anyway. I am not an artist.