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Pass It On

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

By Rev. Joan Kessler

2 King 2: 1-2, 6-14, Resurrection.pdf (

A picture is worth a thousand words. Today I am going to try a spiritual practice known as Visio Divina. This is a sacred viewing of a piece or work of art. Let yourself “go” into the painting that is shared with you. I am going to give us a few moments to be with the painting: Resurrection by Gisele Bauche. Ask yourself, what is it that you notice first? Where are you drawn to? We are going to take a couple moments to look at it and then we will come together to share our questions and reflections.

As we begin this time of reflection together, I want to thank Margaret Kyle for the impetus for today’s reflection. Margaret writes a regular piece for the Season of the Spirit Sunday School curriculum that Wood Lake Books publishes called Connecting with the Art, and this piece really caught my attention this morning, but I am not going to tell you why!

[The following are the combined responses to the questions posed to the congregants of both the In-Person and the Zoom services:]