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By Sharon Taylor

I spent some of the time during Joan’s vacation to make up an “Affirming Wall” just outside the office. At the last AGM, Winfield United Church embarked on a journey of discernment to determine if we will become an Affirming church.

A few months prior to last February’s AGM, during Zoom coffee, I was very surprised to learn that we were not already an Affirming church. After all, there had previously been a gay minister, so obviously (it seemed to me) this was an accepting and open community of faith. Little did I know that there was an official process to becoming an “Affirming Church” and how important that process and label would be.

I can’t imagine going somewhere and not being welcomed because of my clothes, hair, make-up, or shoes. Anymore than I would expect to be shunned based on my beliefs or my identity or my skin colour. But that happens all the time in our society. (I separate those characteristics into two groups as things that can be changed, versus not).

You see, I am privileged.