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Sound of Silence

By Rev. Joan Kessler

1 Kings 19: 1-15

Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

This morning’s reflection is a little bit of everything: a bit of story, a bit of social commentary, and a whole lot of God with us. This message is for those of us who work, for those of us who are retired and those among us who are graduating this month and are going to be working. There are many things to think about in 2022 as we all find our way in the world.

The Great Resignation is a term you may have come to be familiar with. I suspect you have experienced it in some way shape or form most any time you walk out of your door these days into a retail or service space. The Great Resignation refers to a trend which is seeing employees voluntarily leaving their jobs en-masse since early 2021. We have experienced staff shortages firsthand when we visit a restaurant that can only provide takeout instead of dine-in. Appointments for all kinds of specialty services require patience and a flexible schedule because employers are without their skilled workforce. Living in a pandemic the past two years is being cited as the primary reason for this mass exodus from workplaces.