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No in-person services a Winfield United

On November 19 Dr. Bonnie Henry announced new health orders around social gatherings. Faith services are part of this and we will not be holding in-person services for the next few Sundays.

Zoom services will continue with recordings posted the following week. We will also continue with meetings being held through Zoom over the next few weeks and follow the guidance of BC Health. Pastoral care will continue through telephone and Zoom means with emergency, in-person visits being considered as need be.

We have been to this place before. We know how to do this. Even if we feel removed from the spreading of COVID, we will endeavour to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our community as safe as possible. If you are struggling with things, please get in touch.

With Advent and the Christmas season approaching, all we seem to have are questions with few answers. But this unique time calls for creativity and re-imaging what this special time of year can look like. We welcome your ideas to stay connected to one another.

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